Friday, November 29, 2013

Dealu Mare - Basically knowns as a Rock/Hill known for its RED

Here is another winery we checked out, LacerTa. It truly is a world class facility, Romania has A LOT OF OPPORTUNITY for growth in all industries. The landscape is AMAZING! Enjoy!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Romanian Wineries - Part 1: Dragasani Region

Hi All Around the World!

Well, I know it has been a while for an update but we have some exciting news! We are on the road checking out the various regions that are prime locations for exquisite wine. First stop, Prince Stirbey's Winery. All I have to say is BREATHTAKING! I can't compare this place to anything else on this world! It is truly amazing! A piece of heaven, GREAT WINE, and a boutique type winery.

We met the owners!!! The Baron and Baroness! Who can say they had lunch with such great company of a Baron and Baroness. Well, we can and they were so hospitable, we tried wine that is unique to Romania and this region. So no one else in the world has grapes quite like these, nor can they pronounce them :) My favourite, The Frankincense of grapes... Tamaioasa! A lot of other regions like Romanian wine and those that are native here because they never heard of them! Let alone the taste! Wow, brilliant, such an array of various flavours, taste, smell, aroma, sweet, dry, you name it, the variety is here and unqiue.

THERE is so much opportunity here. Wineries are just starting to be placed side by side and the economy is growing and prospering which is always nice to see :) The industry is traced back as far as 5000 to 6000 years old! This specific region is located on a hill - great soil and clay terroir to trap the heat :)

Enjoy the Pics!!!

                                     Heading up to the hill...many wineries along the way.
                                                 Cab Sav grapes :)
                                           Baron Kripp - Explaining the Terroir to us :)
                                             Fresh, local, organic food. TASTE AMAZING!
                                        There winery located inside.
                                           Inside tour... French oak Barrels
                                                View from outside the cellar...breathtaking!
                                   The Baron and Baroness :) THANK YOU For a LOVELY VISIT &                                     GREAT COMPANY!
                                          What a view of the Valley!!!!

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Romania - End of Harvest!

Below are some pics of my Granddad picking the grapes. Can anyone tell what kind of grapes these are?  Below are some pics of the vines - as you can tell they are really, really old! Great concentrated flavour from their grapes. Not only are they over 50 years old but they get their nutrients from a walnut tree that is just a few feet away! The terroir here is incredible and so is the weather! This is the last grape that needs more time to ripen but since the cold came so quick, they had to be picked immediately. This year was a good year all round.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Some pics of the cellar :)

Here is a picture of my Buni in her cellar - VERY PROUD!

Here we are filling one of the barrels.  

There is also a little secret for knowing when the wine is done.
It involves an egg, do you know what it is?